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Cooperation of Ruma and Bersenbruck - German experience for a better environment protection



The president of the municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić and the head of the Department for Local Economic Development, Dragan Kosanović Stayed in the German town Gelsenkirchen, where they attended the worksop related to the project ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability”

Trustees from the European Union and from the partnerships of towns as well as the representatives of more than 30 local self governments from Germany, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were also present at the workshop.

The professional seminar was organized by The Service Company for the bodies of the local self government (SKEW , Engagement Global) that works pursuant to orders of the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development.

The significant segment of the functioning of The Service Company for the bodies of the local self government are global sustainable local self governments and their partnerships. Agenda 2030 that includes raising awareness of the German and partner units of the local self governments has been created, and this agenda stipulates the goals for the sustainable development. The objective of the workshop was to make political and administrative acters of the local self government aware of the goals for strategic sustainability as well as to enhance the strategic partnerships. The representatives of the local self governments attended the educational programmes so as to define needs, identify prioritis , exchange experiences, improve knowlegde and make a network of acters from different local communities.

Beside this, The Memorandum on Understanding between the Municipality of Ruma and The Service Company for the bodies of the local self government (SKEW) was signed in Germany, a document that stipulates the cooperation within the project ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability”.

On the plenary session, the president Mančić presented the investment opportunities of the municipality, the existing and the planned projects, priority goals, and also the directions for the future development of Ruma. The representatives of Ruma attended the presentation and meetings on the topic of applying on the European Programmes, drawing funds from the European union and the project implementation.

By consolidating with the Agenda 2030. the Municipality of Ruma emphasized the following goals for the sustainable development: To make towns and settlements inclusive, safe and adjustable. To undertake urgent activities for facing climatic changes, and their consequences. To protect, establish and promote a sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem. To manage forests in a sustainable manner. To suppress desertification, prevent degradation of the soil and stop destruction of biodiversity. To make the ways of implementation stronger and the global partnership for the sustainable development with the new spirit more firm.

The Municipality of Ruma and the town of Bersenbruck were awarded 5.000 euros from the sphere of the environment protection, regarding the project ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability” i. The purpose is to improve the current situation in the area of the environmental protection of natural resources and green spaces protection by applying the acquired experiences and by improving the waste management method, in the following two years. It is planned to continue the successful cooperation in all areas and goals stipulated by the Agenda 2030. between the mentioned towns.

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