A Memorandum of Understanding signed with the French "Hutchinson"

February 22, 2015.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between "Hutchinson", a world famous manufactures which brings out rubber parts for the automotive industry to the market, Municipality of Ruma and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. its department, the Ministry of Economy. The President of the Municipality of RumaSlađan Mančić and Dragan Stevanović, the state secretary of the Ministry of Economy were present at this occasion. The Investor plans to move its production line from Poland to Ruma. During the signing of the Memorandum it was said that in cooperation with the Government, the local self-government met the Investor's requirements and provided a 6,7 Ha of land.

"We are entering into the further development of the Study, and it is upon the French partner to register the company in Serbia and fulfill law regulations in the appropriate manner", said Slađan Mančić, the President of the Municipality of Ruma. The investor has shown good will to come to Ruma and there is a plan of hiring 120 employees in the first phase, it is said by the first man of Ruma Municipality who also pointed out that around 100 people of secondary school education would find their employment there. The investment value is around 7 million euros.
Dragan Stevanović, the state secretary of the Ministry of Economy says that Ruma will have a support of the Government for everything that is rational, responsible and sustainable. "The French investor has the will to spread its capacities in Serbia." Its target is Ruma and is characterized as having serious environment which can offer good conditions for those who are investing. For all the projects in Ruma, as well as in Serbia, the Government will find the model and the money in order to help and to support", added Stevanović.

A new factory opens in Platičevo

September 18, 2013.

The Slovenian company "Cablex-s" has opened today in Platicevo a new factory for the production of cables for home appliances.  Two years ago "Cablex-s" started production in rented space in Platicevo on the area of 600 square meters. The new facility is almost four times larger (2,300 m² ), and the total value of the new factory with full equipment amounts about two million.

The factory was officially opened by the President of the Provincial Government, Bojan Pajtić, who on this occasion expressed his satisfaction that the new jobs have been made available to people who live in the countryside. "Experience shows that it is difficult to employ population residing in rural areas and therefore, coming of successful business entities in rural parts of the Province is a very important fact for us. This factory employs mostly women, which is an additional advantage. We have already cooperated with "Cablex-s" by subsidizing employment, and we are pleased that "Cablex-s" has decided to expand its production capacity. By doing the mentioned, we send a message to all other investors that this is a region that offers the possibility of sustainable business. I have to say that, in the sence of the amount of funds given to the Province, Slovenia is the fourth investor , immediately after Germany, France and Italy, which tells us enough of the fact that the Slovenian economy has done a lot to help the development of our rural areas" , Pajtic said.

Currently, "Cablex-s" employs 90 workers , by the end of the year the factory will employ the new 50, and in 2014 another 50 residents from Platicevo and surrounding villages will be employed. The  annual production plan is two million, and in "Cablex-s" are confident that it will be exceeded by about 10 percent. Almost 95 percent of production is for export, much of which goes to Russia.

"Cablex-s" group consists of nine factories around the world, and the total production exceeds 70 million. The Manager of "Cablex-s" in Platicevo, Zlatko Jutić thanked the Municipality of Ruma for enabling us to build in Platicevo one of the leading factories for manufacturing cables. " We have an excellent cooperation from the very beginning.  We have spent two years in a rented space that did not meet our ambitions to build a factory that will be shoulder to shoulder with our other offices. Now we have succeeded. In a record time, much faster than we could do it in Slovenia. The construction has cost about 900,000 euros, and the equipment value is estimated at two million. We will soon start exporting to Turkey and Romania, so I'm sure that there are great achievements waiting for us", concluded Jutić.

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