Cooperation with German local self goverment facilitates reaching goals in the nature protection sphere

21. September, 2016.

Last week, in the German town Bonnthe president of the Municipality of Ruma, Slađan Mančić, presented the local administration of Ruma, within the pilot project “Communal partnership for the sustainable development” . The project is conducted by the Federal Ministry of Commerce that deals with various approaches towards achieving 17 global goals of the sustainable development on the local level. This includes a quality health car, renewable energy, gender equality, reducing disparities, etc.

The project brings together local communities from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries.

Ruma was among 20 Southeast European cities that were present there, and a considerable tribute goes to the Major of the Bersenbrick, dr Horst Bayer, due to whose initiative the Federal Ministry for Commerce and Development sent us a letter of intent. Just to remind, the cooperation between Ruma and Bersenbrick was established on the ground of various levels, last year. The result were several mutual visits and the initiation for fraternization of these two towns.

The cooperation of two towns was recognized on the highest level, so the invitation for taking part in the project “Communal partnership for the Sustainable Development” came to Ruma as well.

At the meetig in Bonn Ruma presented The Strategy for Sustainable Development of Ruma from 2015-2020. Together with its partner town in Germany, Ruma considered options for creation of a project that would be the most appropriate to apply with for funds awarding.

"We decided to apply with the project for the protection of natural environment and dealing with issues concerning local lanfills, i.e. dump sites, which is, together with the problems of heating system , one of the two major issues we face in our municipality.After a two-day meeting in Bonn we visited our partner cities. We held a meeting with eminent people in the city, on the very first day, and we all agreed that the protection of the environment is an important topic for both towns.


President Mančić pays an official visit to Germany

12. September, 2016.

The president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić travelled yesterday to the official five day visit to Germany. The first man of the Municipality will be at Bоn’s presentation of the pilot project “Communal Partnership for the Sustainable Development”.

The project is conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation, that works on different approaches to achieving 17 global goals on the local level.

The project will involve the collaboration between local communities from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries .

Morover, as a response to the invitation of the Major of the Bersencrick, dr Horst Bayer, the president of the Municipality of Ruma shall visit this town situated in the Lower Saxonia as well.

The motive for paying a visit is the continuation of the collaboration between Ruma and Bedrsenbrick, which was established in June last year, but the initiative for twinning of the two towns as well. The mentioned cooperation has been recognized by the Government of the Republic of Germany, thus, the expences of this visit are borne by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany.

A Provincial Secretary visits Ruma - an easier way to EU fonds is through cooperation

6. September, 2016.

The Provincial Secretary for regional development, international cooperation and local self government Ognjen Bjelić, has visited Ruma today. He has been hosted at the City House by the president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić and the head of the department for local economic development Dragan Kosanović.

The topic of the meeting were foreign investments, local economic development, but the major topic was the creation of the projects from the sphere of economy, business and communal infrastructure, for which purpose the Secretariat shall offer their assistance and shall be the mediator when applying for Eu funds.

"We turn to external sources of financing and we start to work intensely on the project proposals for EU funds. Our goal is that every municipality prepares 10 project proposals during the following year, and to apply for different funding. A provincial Secretariat shall co-finance a lots of activities, but still we need to create a habit within the local self governments to work on the project writing. A number of project proposals have already been prepared, some of which are related to the cross-border cooperation. Therefore we are optimistic when Ruma is concerned, said the provincial Secretary Bjelić",

The presidentof the municipality of Ruma, Slađan Mančić has expressed readiness of the Administrative department to meet the task and announced that Ruma has got the potential to prepare more than 10 project proposals. "That would not present a problem for us because we already have dozen of prepared project. Three or four projects are from the area od social protection, two are related to health care, and some are about infrastructure in the working zones, meaning that the Local economic department is ready for the task. Cooperation with Croatia, BiH, i.e. with the Serb Republic has already been established and our plan is to put a joint effort into devoting to topics related to the environment protection and the waste disposal,as the president Mančić pointed out.

After the meeting, the first man of Ruma municipality turned to the announced transfer decline for the next year, acoording to which the local self governments shall be allocated 3% less revenue from tax and income, on a monthly base.


A new factory, "Hutchinson" from Ruma, supplies world's giants of the automobile industry

March 1, 2016.

Factory of hoses for the air-conditioning devices which is in the ownership of the French giant Hutchinson, started its work today in Ruma. The factory which will supply the automobile industry with its products and will hire 200 employees, was inaugurated in the presence of Aleksandar Vučić, the Premier of Serbia. In the last year, 3 factories were inaugurated in the presence of Aleksandar Vučić, who used this opportunity to give his praise to the hard-working representatives of the local self-government, for being able to overcome 500, 600 millions of dept and make Ruma one of the most attractive locations for foreign investors in the whole Serbia.

The Premier pointed out that it was not easy to to convince "Huthinson" to come to Serbia, given that they were considering Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey and that their arrival to our country is a great political victory of the Government of Serbia. This is the first investment of "Huthinson" in Serbia estimated at around 7,3 million of euros.

The Premier expressed his satisfaction over the fact that local self-governments in Srem are competing to attract investors, with the comment that Srem can serve as an example to other regions.

He mentioned that the Government invested 1,9 million of euros of incentives, while the local self-government gave land and access roads, pointing out that this exactly is the job of the Government. " We are happy that 200 people will get a job, I think that there may even be 300 people, and there are talks to produce fuel hoses in this plant, which will provide for 400 new employees. "

Vučić pointed out that according to the data from the National Employment Service of Serbia and in the period from January, 2014 to the end of 2015, Ruma has reduced the number of 1400 unemployed people which is a big success for that municipality.

As President of the Municipality of Ruma considers, today's inauguration of a new factory is the crown of responsible and good work as well as support of the Government of Serbia and the Premier Vučić.

"We have shown that such a big investment can be implemented in such a short period of time. The most important fact are the new jobs, as we have promised employment in the realistic, economy sector. All the investors who have opened their factories recently are already considering the extension of their production, and given that the business climate is very favourable and that the local self-government is fulfilling the needs of all the investors, I am convinced that the citizens of the Municipality of Ruma are to expect a more prosperous future. In addition to this, the President Mančić said that the Nepalese investor "Cinnovation Group" is soon to start the construction of their new factory and that there are expressed interests of some domestic investors and that the Industrial zone "Rumska Petlja" is a possible location where the biggest South-east European cold-store could be built.


Nepal Company starts building pasta production factory in spring, in Ruma

December 14, 2015.

In the industrial zone "Rumska petlja", construction of factory for the production of pasta will soon begin. It is a Nepal company, "Cinnovation group", a significant world investor which is doing its business in the scope of an Asian conglomerate "Chaudhary Group" whose owner is a billionaire Binod Chaudhary.

The President of the Municipality Slađan Mančić signed a contract on selling 9,5 acres of land in the work zone "Rumska petlja" with Zoran Dražeta, a director of the "IN connect" company which is the representative of "Cinnovation group" in Serbia.

"To my pleasure, the conditions for the construction of factory for the production of pasta, noodles, biscuits and other their products are being created. The value of the parcel we sold to the Nepal company is 51,709.320 RSD, out of which 20% of the price was paid in advance, in the course of the licitation, while for the remaining money, a paying deadline is 8 days. Once again I have to express my gratitude to Ms Perko and Mr Dražeta (director of "IN Connect") for their sacrifice,engagement and effort we invested together in order to bring this investment to the territory of our Municipality and in order to diminish the number of unemployed persons in Ruma. In this company, a large number of unemployed will be hired and we are slowly moving towards the goal which is to root our unemployment and raise life standard of all inhabitants", said the President Mančić.

Nepal company deals with numerous economy and economic activities and it is located over the whole world. This production line in Ruma will be the first factory of this conglomerate in Europe. The Investor will use all the potential crops from Srem in its production, and the factory will be focused on export and it will bring out almost all of its products to the foreign market. The director of "IN connect" Zoran Dražeta points out that the construction of the company will start in spring.


The Government of Serbia finances building of waste water treatment plant in Ruma

October 14. 2015.

State secretary in the Ministry of Economy, Dragan Stevanović, has stayed in Ruma today and on that occasion he has held a meeting at the Town Hall with the President of the Municipality of Ruma, Slađan Mančić, and the head persons of the local self-government.

The reason of the state secretary's arrival is building of the waste water treatment plant for the French company, "Hutchinson", which will be financed by the Government of Serbia.

"Based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, "Hutchinson" company and the Municipality of Ruma, our obligation towards the Investor is to build the waste water treatment plant. Today we received the confirmation from Mr Stevanovic that the Government of Serbia will provide necessary financial means in 2016, while our obligatiion, as the local self-government, is to finance the development of the project, and we are determined to do so. The arrival of "Hutchinson" is very significant for our municipality. In negotiations with the Investor we have shown maximum seriousness and we are extremely glad that our town will provide a location for such a reknown company which will employ a large number of the citizens of the Municipality of Ruma", said Slađan Mančić, the President of the Municipality of Ruma

"Hutchinson" company will produce rubber hoses for the automobile air conditioning. According to business plan, the production in Ruma is due to start at the beginning of 2016.

" Buidling of waste water treatment plant is very important from the ecological point of view. Also, we want to respect high standards which companies want to establish in Serbia. According to the Memorandum, the Government of the Republic of Serbia committed itself to implementing and financing this investment. This is a good moment to arrange work dynamics with the Municipality of Ruma. We are in a month when planning of the budget for the next year is done and this is the reason why we do not want to leave anything to chance" , said the State secretary Stevanovic.

Preliminary estimate of the investment is 926.000 euros, and after the project has been finalised and the tenders have been announced, the precise price of the waste water treatment plant will be known.

Municipality of Ruma and "Hutchinson" signed a contract on giving construction land free of charge - first hirings start at the end of the month

July 8, 2015.

The President of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančič and one of the directors of the French company "Hutchinson" Olivie Raymond Andre Sato signed a contract on the transfer of property over the construction land to the investor in the industrial zone "West".

The Municipality of Ruma will give 7,8 Ha of land to the investor from France. It is planned that "Hutchinson" will build production plant of around 6.000 m2. The land is given free of charge based on the previously developed Study on Justification for giving construction land.

"In Ruma, "Hutchinson" will produce rubber hoses for air conditioning in automoblies and it will supply reknown producers such as Mercedes, Fiat, Suzuki and Renault. In this factory of parts for the automobile industry, 200 unemployed inhabitants from the Municipality of Ruma will be employed.

"Works at the factory have already started and Ruma will get 200 work places very fast. These are mostly profiles with secondary and elementary professional qualifications, which, according to the data from the National Employement Service of Serbia, are the most numerous in Ruma. As I was informed by Mr Sato, the first hirings start at the beginning of the month, which is extremely significant for the inhabitants of our Municipality. This investment will continue to promote the practice of decreasing the number of unemployed people, which is, as I mentioned couple of times, the priority of the local self-government", said the President of the Municipality of Ruma, Slađan Mančić.


The President Mančić held a meeting with investors from Nepal

June 30, 2015.

The President of Ruma Slađan Mančić received yesterday at the City Hall the representatives of the Nepalese investor "CINNOVATION GROUP" ,the company which  aims to launch its production line in Ruma.

"CINNOVATION GROUP" is a paramount investor on the world business map, whose owner is a billionaire, Binod Chaudhary.

Nepalese investor plans to build plants for the production of different types of pasta, according to the business plan, and in Ruma will employ 409 workers.

"We have more and more investment and that's the most important thing for the inhabitants of of Ruma. Meeting with representatives of the Nepalese company for us was very important because it is one of the world's leading companies. However, the Municipality of Ruma is open to all those who want to invest here and we did not close the door to any investor so far, no matter how many people they want to hire. We talked to each one, took themto the Prime Minister or the Minister with whom he wanted to meet. We did everything in our power in order to attract more investors to Ruma and we shall continue with this policy further on , as it produces results, "said Mančić.

After the meeting in the City Hall, the President Mančić together with the Nepalese investors visited the industrial zone, i.e. the potential location for the construction of the factory. Unofficially "CINNOVATION GROUP" wants to buy the land from the Municipality of Ruma, which will be an additional influx of funds in the municipal budget. It is worth mentioning that the local government, as an incentive for attracting investors, and for those companies that met the criteria, gave out the land without compensation.

The President of the Municipal Assembly, Dr. Aleksandar Martinović who is also a deputy in the Parliament, confirmed yesterday that an Agreement on State Aid to the Nepelese investor shall be signed on Thursday in the Serbian Government, and said that it is likely that later that week they would get a bank guarantee for the French "Hutchinson" which had already started with the construction of factory in Ruma.


Memory foam factory opens in Ruma

June 28, 2015.

The Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has opened today in Ruma the Chinese - Denmark memory foam factory, " Everrest production" .The ceremony has been opened in the presence of Zeljko Sertić ,the Minister of Commerce, Li Manchang and Michael Borg - Hansen , the Ambassadors of China and Denmark, as well as prominent people of the local government of Ruma: the President of the Municipality Slađan Mančić and the President of the Municipal Assembly,Dr. Aleksandar Martinović.

In the first stage, the plant will employ 359 workers, it is an investment worth 15 million euros and involves the construction of 28880 m2 production plant.

The investment of 50 million euros shall be carried out in four stages, and involves the expansion of the production plant as well as employing 1,200 workers.

The President of the Chinese company "Healthcare" Zangen Ni, the owner of the Danish company "Everrest" Christian Frismodt , and the manager of "Healtcare Europe" Alexander Andersen Podravac, pointed out that Serbia has been chosen for the regional production center due to its strategic location, and the new production facility in Ruma will supply the European market, Russia, the Middle East and The North America.

The production of memory foam pillows and mattresses is environmentally safe , and the factory will supply raw materials from the local market, as announced by the representatives of the companies.

The company "Everrest production" was founded in 2012 in Novi Sad, as a result of the joint investment of the Danish company "Everrest" and the Chinese company "Healthcare Co.Ltd", which is a world leader in the production of memory foam, thus, this investment is of paramount importance for the strengthening of the Serbian economy.

The factory is situated in a modern, industrial zone "Rumska petlja".

The headquarters of the "Healthcare Co.Ltd" is in Rugao, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

"Healthcare Co. Ltd." mainly produces cushions, mattresses and sofas made of memory foam, as well as CNC cutting machine polyurethane. During the last few years, "Healthcare Co. Ltd." has strengthened its position in China with the help of brand MLILY.

Over the recent years, "Healthcare" has doubled its size and now has several thousand employees in China in the sphere of various businesses.

The headquarters of "Everrest Aps" is in Aarhus, Denmark.

"Everrest" produces and sells pillows and mattresses for large retail outlets in Europe. "Everrest" is the largest sales agent of "Healthcare Co." in Europe and sells in about 17 countries in Europe, which makes 30 percent of total production volume of "Healthcare".


Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić opens a factory "Adriana Tex" in Ruma

May 22, 2015.

The Prime Minister od Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić today in Ruma has officially opened the factory, "Adriana Tex". It is a factory that manufactures swimwear and operates under the auspices of the Italian company "Calzedonia". The facility in Ruma currently employs 325 people, mostly female workers and its full capacity is 600 people.

"Adriana Tex" is located on an area of 9,000 square meters, is air-conditioned and modern equipped with latest machinery and production equipment, and the total investment amounts to 10 million euros. The opening ceremony was attended by the Italian Ambassador in Serbia Giuseppe Manzo and Dr. Sandro Veronesi , the President of "Calzedonia" , the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia Zorana  Mihajlović, as well as the prominent people of the Municipality of Ruma.

In his speech, the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić the workers in "Adriana Tex" wished a successful and happy work, but also high salaries. "Your diligence and hard work prove that you are the best recommendation for the attraction of new investors. I would also like to thank to the Ambassador Giuseppe Manca on his engagement to attract Italian investors in Serbia . The government of the Republic of Serbia has cofinances the employment with 1,848.000 euros for 264 workers , mostly ladies, what we are particularly pleased on. Dr. Sandra Veronesi , the manager of Calzedonia Group has, by her own wish, employed the additional 61 people . We believe that in this factory in Ruma, 600 people will find jobs, what is the capacity of the factory itself. When I look back at the last two years I realize that in Ruma, Stara Pazova and Sremska Mitrovica, generally in the whole Srem, has been done a lot in the field of investment , "the Prime Minister said.


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