Investors interested in working zones, but in municipality villages as well

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26. October, 2016.

Several locations in the municipality of Ruma are under the construction of new production plants. Three factories that will employ a considerable number of people are being build within the working zones, and apart from this, the investors find attractive sites for investing in villages as well.

"The new factory “Hutchinson” shall employ 400 people, while the Nepalese "Cinnovation group" shall engage 409. The newly built production facilities will start with work on February or March, which is also the case with the local investor “Rumekon”, for the purpose of which the production hall is being built within the working zone “Ruma Junction”, said the president Mančić. He added that the local self government is satisfied that the factories are being built in the villages of the municipality as well."That shall enable a certain perspective for life on the village. There is already one successful company Cablex in Platicevo. A farm of shep is under construction in Budjanovci village, and we even plan to build a slaughter house during the next year. An Italian company "La Linea Verde", for fruit and fresh salad processing shall be opened in Dobrinci. The factory shall provide work for 100 people, according to the first man of the Ruma municipality.

"What is more important is that a lots of small agricultural households shall have the oppotrunity to be cooperators of this Italian company, and they will be provided with good conditions for that”. said the president Mančić.

The president of the Ruma municipality expressed his confidence that apart from inhabitants of Dobrinci, all those who live on agriculture in Donji Petrovci, Putinci, Kraljevci and Mali Radinci might be interested in this as well.

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