Prominent doctors from Serbia and the region held a debate concerning the changes in the educational system of medical workers

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29. September, 2016.

A three day seminar of a scientific medical group "Pannonian School for Health Care Improvement" started today at the Cultural Centre Ruma. The main topic of the II Pannonian school is "the change within the educational system of medical workers", and this year's scietific gathering has an international character, due to the fact that beside the prominent professionals from Ruma,Serbia, their colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were present as well.

A solemn beginning of the "Second Pannonian School for the Health Care Improvement” was magnified due to the presence of prominent people from the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Secretariat for health care, medical universities and other medical institutions.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Borislav Vekić emphasized that this year's topic "Changes within the educational system of medical workers" is extremely important for the whole Ministry of Health and that it might contribute to the decline in the medical staff migration, with the result of retaining the best quality doctors in Serbia.

The State Secretary within the Ministry of Health Ferenc Vicko has praised the concept of the Pannonian School" and pointed out that it enables a direct contact between Ministry of Health and medical worker.


In this way we want to recognize the starting problematic issues concerning out health care system. Information we acquire are exactly the right guidelines that show us the manner we need to act so as to hinder problems", said the State Secretary Vicko.

The Provincial Secretar for Health, Zoran Gojković has emphasezed that the medical profession includes a constant ecucation and improvement and that Serbian health system needs to expand towards the world a lot more.

We have had various attempts in raising the health system so far,through the strategic programs and plans, concerning purchase of equipment. However, the whole story relating to our health care system needs to be comprehensive, because we cannot just buy expensive equipment only later to realize that there is noone to work with it. We need to give our staff the best quality education we can provide, both in Serbia and abroad", said Gojković.

Deputy president of the Municiplity of Ruma Marija Stojčević expressed hope that the conclusions from the Pannonian school would enable an important step towards the improvement of the whole health care system.

"The Municipality of Ruma put a great effort in order to prepare the health care system for a higher standards. We support all the actions initiated by the Health Care Centre, because we are aware that the quality health protection represents a precondition for a better life standard", explained Marija Stojčević.

Snežana Bojanić Stojić, the principal of Health Care Centre, and the manager of the "Pannonian School for Health Care Improvement", considers that the existance of event like this one is paramount, because it enables problematic issues within the Health sphere to be considered, and thought over.

"At today's round table we will define major issues concerning changes in education system. We are happy that all the relevant institutions in Ruma are here today together with the representatives of pharmaceutical institutions. Today, tomorrow and at Saturday, all of them will have the opportunity to express their concerns on this topic, and it is good that we all hear about them",said the principal Bojanic Stojić.

Guests of Pannonian School, guests from Croatia, BIH, the professor doctor Zvonimir Šostar, the principal of the Croatia Institution for Public Health "Dr Andrija Štampar", from Zagreb and professor dr Enver Zerem from the University Clinic Centre in Tuzla expressed their joint attitude that only the joint effort and exchange of experience can result in the best quality health care system.

The manager of the "Pannonian School for Health Care Improvement" is the Municipality of Ruma, and the sponsorship is provided by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Health Care.

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