Good cooperation between the Municipality of Ruma and the higher levels of the government

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22. September, 2016.

After the Public Call conducted, the Ministry of Commerce brought the decision that 80 milion dinars shall be allocated to 40 local self governments in order to support the preparation of infrastructure projects related to improvement of indusrtial and business zones, chambers of commerce and clusters, as well as for brownfield locations refurbishment and the development of transport and communal infrastructure.

The Municipality of Ruma in the only in the district of Srem that shall be given the appropriate funds, and the president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić pointed out the good cooperation with all the levels of the government.  

"We have a great support from the Ministry of Commerce that has even beforeallocated the significant funds to refurbishment of "Ruma junction". What is more, we will be given 100 million RSD from the Government of Serbia for the waste water plant construction ( for Hutchinson factory), and a tender for that shall be announced soon as well.AP Vojvodina appreciates our efforts too. Capital Expenditures Directorate has given us a great offer to finance 50% of the projects relating to reconstruction of the main streets in our municipality, the project worth 150 million RSD. Money we get from the highr levels of the government facilitate the realization of the projects. This significant inflow in the budget of the municipality shall enable new projects, important for raising of the living standard of the inhabitants", said Mančić.

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