President Mančić pays an official visit to Germany

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12. September, 2016.

The president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić travelled yesterday to the official five day visit to Germany. The first man of the Municipality will be at Bоn’s presentation of the pilot project “Communal Partnership for the Sustainable Development”.

The project is conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation, that works on different approaches to achieving 17 global goals on the local level.

The project will involve the collaboration between local communities from Germany, Eastern and Southeastern European countries .

Morover, as a response to the invitation of the Major of the Bersencrick, dr Horst Bayer, the president of the Municipality of Ruma shall visit this town situated in the Lower Saxonia as well.

The motive for paying a visit is the continuation of the collaboration between Ruma and Bedrsenbrick, which was established in June last year, but the initiative for twinning of the two towns as well. The mentioned cooperation has been recognized by the Government of the Republic of Germany, thus, the expences of this visit are borne by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany.

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